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Women wake up call

Today’s Society…

Anything goes, older and younger women only care about themselves (what can I gain for self gratification…Me! Me! ME!). What happen to the days when women cared about the next man (Man, women, and child)


When are we going to realize that we need to get back to the basics and stick together? The only way to get back on track is to get back to the essentials.

What happened to those days when older women use to teach younger women:

* How to act in public

* How to dress in public

* How to get a man (A husband not someone elses)

* Helping build self esteem/self worth

* Helping a sister realize she is beautiful inside & out

* Helping a sister realize you don't need to SALE/SELL yourself short.

TAKE HEED …. Women when you become involve with a man, make sure he is single and not committed to another woman. Find your own

WOW. Have the times changed so much, that women are becoming desperate? Or do they simply do not know any better, this one I can understand. Are women feeling a state of self worthlessness?

My sister, I understand when you don't know any better, in that case, you do whatever your surrounding/situation states you have to do, thats why I am here, writing, speaking to sisters, all over the world, you don't have to be in the mess you are in, believe in me, I am not perfect, I too was caught up in all kinds of mess, until one day, Jesus Christ came into my life, I now have a clear vision (God Vision) of what was truly going on around me, I know longer have on blinders not see what this world have to offer, I am able to see God's vision for His people. This is why I am writing my sisters, my eyes were/are opened, I want every sisters, eyes opened as well. I understand everyone will not receive this message well, why because they still have on blinders (world system), but I am praying that something deep within you gets stirred/moving there is still hope for each of you! I love each one of you with the Love of Christ, for real.

When did times change…

I first noticed a changed in women in my twenties.

I truly believe women need a wake up call. My sisters; whether in the Body of Christ or out of the body we need to set boundaries. I understand that many women will not want to hear this, why? Because they are blinded by societies view that any thing goes. If a few take the initiative to start setting the example, others will begin to follow, there will always be a few that just will refuse to hear the truth.

I must admit, I too was a woman who was for self. I had to learn the hard way. Today I am a woman who can testify that a change is possible and anyone can change, that it’s never too late. My sisters we should change the way we treat each other TODAY. Stop with the backbiting, resentment, hatred, instead show some love. Let’s us try spreading love we all deserve. I have faith in you, come on, we need each other.

Why the change… I believe that some women have issues with self esteem, and the need to belong, a need to be loved, a need for fulfillment, and because those needs have not been addressed or met. They can’t love themselves or others.

First step to change….

Whether you agree with me or not every individual has a need that only God (Jehovah, Yahweh, Lord, Elohim) can fulfill, you must truly submit to God and that need will be met. It has been met with me, after years of struggling trying to find myself being un-fulfillment I can truly say I am complete. Yes, there are many who accepted God and still lack that fulfillment/completeness why? Many have accepted Jesus (Thank God for that) however they have not surrender their lives completely to Him.

The Question…

Can we ever get back to the basics?

By Deborah Bronaugh

A servant of the Lord

Sunday, July 25, 2010

I must be who I am, I can't be you. If I can't be me, I will observe, but allow me to be me & watch me flourish.
Many days I want to walk away because of people bad attitude, than I think of my purpose, help me say strong, Lord.

Friday, July 23, 2010

There is no place in the bible that states 'God helps those who help themselves' where did this cme from?
Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds & praise your Father in heaven.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Whose protecting the Kids ?

My sisters we have got to stop this cycle, only you can stop it, the cycle of people preying on children, those who like to abuse our children, those people who preys on kids, I don't care who it is stop it now. Protect your children stop bring home, men you don't really know, unless you know their back ground. Stop falling in love overnight bring these predatories home to the kids. You said/say you love your child protect them. & if they have been abused already believe them when they tell you they have been abuse, there is nothing worse, for a child to tell the person whose suppose to protect them and you don't believe them, Sisters if you must have a men please please, I plead with you, don't bring him home until its safe get to know that person over a year 1/2 or two before you bring him home to meet your kids, Protect those kids, this must stop. Please protect those little lambs from those bad wolves.
In order to heal we must admit their is a problem, love you all with love of Christ!

Monday, July 19, 2010

I can see that Its important to have people around you that have like minds, when you're trying 2 build up.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Father, help me to be patient with people who have the skills of communication, yet, they are saying nothing.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"Under the gospel dispensation all believers R priest; & the sacrifices they bring R not the bodies...beast, but their own bodies."
ey-Land anymore.
What's that verse when I was a child... I am saying my brothers & my sisters its time to grow up you are nearly 40, 50 & 60+ wake up, you are not in Disn
Lord, I'm praying for people pleasers, instead of pleasing God, they only associate with you if your names "on paper" other than that, they will not speak
I am praying for people that you have progressed, in life and they are afraid to associate with the same people they use to be.
God help me never to think I am more than what I am, don't allow me to forget where I came from. I have a problem with pride& boastful people.

Another door closed, now what?

Have you ever wondered, really what is your purpose here, everything or reason I believe I am here, the door(s) close and I realize that's not it, so I'm asking God, what is my purpose? I'm saying Father, I'm not getting any younger, but than I have to look to a man like Moses, and realize there is still hope for me, God is taking out those bad habit and replacing them with new ones, yes, it took years to instill them within me and it takes time to replace them, God I'm still here, with your help.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Unhealed deep rooted pains

In your past in there a deep hurt that you have never shared with anyone, I pray that this can be a healing tool.

1. Release it to God today, tell Him about your hurt and what it has done to you.

2. Find an outlet for example someone abused you as a child (a trusting person) to be free from that pain, try to write the word abuser on the bottom of your shoes walk all over that pain, but you must release it, if not its holding you captive, or get a marker draw a picture of the abuser in a cage and you are free flying like a Bird, do what ever it takes to free yourselves without taking personal vengeance to do bodily harm, we leave that to the Lord.
I heard that walking with the word abuser on the bottom of you shoes helps, please let me know so that others will understand it can help. I heard this from a radio program on Moody, 90.1.AM.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

God, is the only one I can come to with my guards down, everyone else I have them up,^ even with some family members, yes that's bad!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Father, help me be aware of areas of restlessness in my spirit & that I am growing deeper & loving relationship with you God. By John Westerhoff.
Father, I pray that you would show me areas of brokenness & incompleteness & heal me.
ars it with us.
Jesus said "take my yoke" His yoke, it is our suffering and the worlds suffering. "My burden is light," He continues Mth 11:29. It is light because he be

A Child was/is born

A Child was/is born
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